March- Dancing Together

Partnership Dancing On many occasions we work with couples who come to us desiring to explore alternative ways to spend time together. It’s not surprising that few find fulfillment by watching Netflix, or going out to restaurants, as these options soon become habitual and offer little quality time. For those that dare to explore dancing…

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Happy February! In light of the most romantic month of the year, our theme is (re) Falling in Love with life and why staying committed to this process, while scary, is critical to having a meaningful life. We often hear many of our new students say that their days feel monotonous and they come to…

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Dancer Nutrition

Nutrition is important for dancers, whether you are a professional dancer or just an active hobbyist trying to lose or maintain weight. Here is a great introductory article from Dance Advantage that will give you some great tips on nutrition. The article puts an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables, home cooked meals and a wide variety…

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