March- Dancing Together

Partnership Dancing

On many occasions we work with couples who come to us desiring to explore alternative ways to spend time together. It’s not surprising that few find fulfillment by watching Netflix, or going out to restaurants, as these options soon become habitual and offer little quality time. For those that dare to explore dancing as a way to spend time together, it offers countless benefits and for very good reasons.

  1. Learning together
    1. In our combined experience, learning to dance offers a unique way for couples to work out many things, whether it be communication or otherwise, in a safe and fun environment. Part of our curriculum involves learning how to move as one, how to engage with each other, how to surprise our partner and be silly, finally how each shares the responsibility of creating and respecting the other’s space. In a way, dancing give you an opportunity to be ‘re-introduced’ to one another.
  2. Meet new people
    1. We all love making new friends, after all, having relationships are central to our happiness. Now, as our days are often centered around work and family there is little time left to develop new relationships. Joining our studio means becoming part of our growing dance family and community. From taking private lessons with your instructor, semi-private technique classes with other students, or practice social dancing on our Friday night Practice Sessions, you will meet an incredibly diverse set of new people.
  3. Get Physical and Stay in Shape
    1. While hiking and taking walks are always encouraged, particularly in the Northwest, dancing actually burns more calories (some of which can be attributed to all the laughter and fun involved as you get to be silly with one another)
  4. Confidence
    1. Recall a time you attended an event with your partner, but hesitated to dance? Perhaps you were shy and worried about making a fool of yourself, maybe you didn’t know what to dance to a particular song, or maybe you knew but your partner didn’t? Now imagine, having the confidence to step onto the floor with your significant other, and just dance, forgetting all your worries and having a blast.
  5. Date Night Reinvented
    1. In the most fundamental way, dancing together is moving through space, to music, as one. No wonder it is highly romantic, in addition, you can dance anywhere, and with little planning; be it on a soccer field after practice, at home by moving the furniture around in your living room, or in small cafes around the world.

To take advantage of these and many more, it requires that you make a decision to explore a new hobby together, and that might just be the most difficult step. We will gladly help not only introduce you to different dance styles, but create a personalized program centered around your individual goals. So take the first step, we promise we got the rest covered.

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